Charles Manson Parole Hoax: Is it appropriate for convicted murderer Charles Manson to be the subject of a satire regarding parole?

  • Yes, Charles Manson should be allowed to be subject of satire regarding his parole.

    Charles Manson has ruined his image, reputation, and life by making the choices that he's made. He's away for life and when you watch videos of him he comes off as a complete lunatic. If celebrities are commonplace for satire articles, why should it be taboo for satire about convicted felons. His case should not have special treatment. It's media fun, not to be taken too seriously.

  • Yes, satire should be used regarding Charles Manson's parole.

    I think that it is appropriate for Charles Manson to be the subject of satire regarding his parole. Even though what Charles Manson is guilty of his a heinous crime, I think that people should not be limited to what they can and cannot satire here in the United States.

  • Yes, the use of Manson actually draws attention to the need for critical thinking.

    Yes, it is appropriate for Charles Manson to be subject of satire. The current hoax plays an important role in teaching individuals to think critically about things they may read online. The fact that it is a rather frightening figure in American pop culture only draws attention to the hoax, which in turn helps the hoax go viral. If it were not for this hoax, then people may not think critically when it comes to other pieces of information that they read.

  • Yes, it was satire.

    The magazine that posted the article is very similar in writing style to the Onion. This magazine is known for writing satirical articles so no one should have been fooled. He has also been in prison for many years and therefore I don't believe many people would have been terrified about a fake impending release.

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