Charlie Hebdo Mohammad Cartoons: Should other media outlets republish the cartoons?

  • We need to show solidarity

    The killings didn't shock me. Islamists have attacked people so many times when they've offended Islam, and it's time to react, and tell them we will not stand for it. It shouldn't matter whether non-Muslims defame the prophet, or any other religious figure. They can live by their rules, but we shouldn't have to. If we did, it's just be bowing down to the threat of Islamists. Muslims who are good people, and Westerners would be negatively affected by not re-publishing the cartoons.

  • We value freedom over all else

    Our core values shouldn't be repressed because of other people's beliefs. If we did, in the case of Islam, we would eventually have to submit to sharia law, our women would be banded from attending school and homosexuals would be killed. In most cases, I believe in respecting other people and their chosen way of life. In this case I propose the question: When do the tolerant become intolerant of the intolerant.

  • To show support of Charlie Hebdo, other media outlets should republish the cartoons.

    Free speech needs to be recognized world wide. Islam extremists should not have the upper hand in saying who can talk about their leader. We don't see Christians attacking media who talks down Jesus Christ. Our government doesn't firebomb news sources who speak against the President. Islam should not have the power to say who and what should be printed.

  • Don't push it

    Since there was a lashback the time that Charlie Hebdo first published Mohammad Cartoons, I would think it would be in best interest not to do it again. I don't know the details about why it is controversial to show Mohammad, but remember South Park poked fun at this too.

  • No people are loosing their lives

    No they shouldn't be republished because there are innocent lives being taken because of what they represent to other religions. We need peace in this world and not more killings of innocent people in this world we don't know what harm is being done to the children that parents were murdered for these cartoons.

  • It is literally against muslim's religion and can be harmful to them

    It has an illustration of mohammed in the cartoon and Muslim people aren't supposed to see any depiction of mohammed. Even though it is satire, it is also islamiphobic. No media or journalism outlet should repost the cartoon because Charlie Hebdo shouldn't be supported in his contribution to oppression and discrimination. If it were in the US people would be thinking the opposite of what this debate shows if it were against christianity.

  • No, other media outlets should not republish the cartoons.

    Here in the Western world, we have a fairly long history of parody and satire as a form of political statement. Within this tradition, there is nothing held to be too sacred to make the subject of satire. We need to understand, however, that this cultural trait is not held by the entire world, and that for some cultures, there are still sacred, cherished objects. Sure, you can't defend the violent actions taken by Muslims, but neither can you defend Western practices that utterly fail to respect another culture's beliefs.

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