Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cover: Was the latest cover appropriate, under the circumstances?

  • Freedom of Speech

    I believe what they did was perfectly fine. They are showing that they are not afraid of anybody and should be able to do what they want. It's all in good fun, and we should show that we are not going to be intimated by anyone. We have our freedom to do and say what we want as humans, and extremists need to learn to deal with it, as we can believe what we want, and they can as well. Only thing is that we should not be harming one another.

  • It Was Brave

    It was a brave and appropriate thing to do. These barbarians murder anyone who does not agree with them and need to be put in their places. We have to show that we will not back down to them. If they do not like freedom of speech, they should go back to where they came from.

  • Yes, they had to strike a balance between being offensive and not backing down.

    Charlie Hebdo needed to continue posting images of the Prophet Mohammed to send a message that they would not be deterred by an act of terrorism. If they backed down, that would be letting the terrorists win. However, they couldn't just be inflammatory either - they needed to post something that memorialized the event. So they struck a good balance between sticking to their values and acknowledging the terrorist attack.

  • As Appropriate As it Could Possibly Be

    Freedom of speech is perhaps the most critical form of the democratic movement. We have to let people say what they need to say, and we have to have the ability to disagree peacefully with someone we don't like. The terrorist actions in France and elsewhere have to be met with a response, and the Charlie Hebdo cover is as beautiful a response as possible.

  • After what they had already caused?!

    The uproar,hurt and offense caused by their cartoons were already extreme enough! I partially agree with freedom of speech but more to the side of freedom of opinion. Ever heard the saying 'if you wouldn't like to be treated that way then don't do it to someone else'.

    I agree that hurting and killing is morally wrong but you cannot blame a whole religion for one groups actions. In fact, many muslims would agree that what the extremists did was horrible and quite rightly too. I am sure that most murderers out in the world have a religion but their religion is not blamed for their actions, so why blame muslims for this?

    If someone was to insult you then what would you do? If someone was to insult the one you love what would you do? I am sure you wouldn't kill them but you would feel offended afterwards at least. Just think about that next time you support freedom of speech.

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