Charlotte officer will not be brought to trial over fatal shooting: Will this cause further unrest in our cities?

  • Any police shooting is justification for some to protest

    Like many contemporary issues, police shootings generate reflexive emotional responses. There are those that will respond to every police shooting with immediate and reflexive condemnation . That condemnation will be without contemplation and will not depend on the facts or circumstances of the shooting. Just the fact that a police officer shot someone will be enough to cause some to protest.

  • Yes, this will cause further unrest in our cities.

    Yes, this will cause further unrest in our cities because justice has not been dealt to this situation. People want answers, and by excusing the police man who killed an innocent black man provides no answer. We need justice for Scott and we cannot sit until justice has been handed.

  • Yes, this will cause more unrest in cities.

    Yes, there will be more unrest in cities because this keeps happening. Cops are shooting civilians and they are not even being prosecuted, especially when the victim is a minority. Another thing that angers people is the fact that even if they go to trial, there is hardly ever a conviction, even if the evidence is overwhelming, such as a video. There are many factors that contribute to this unrest.

  • No the decision not to charge the Charlotte officer will not cause addition unrest.

    The fact that the addition videos released of the fatal shooting show that the victim failed to respond to the officer's repeated orders to show his hands and to exit the vehicle when order to and the fact that he did in fact make actions that indicated intent to do harm will calm the response to the lack of charges.

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