Charter schools: Do charter schools help advance education reform?

  • Charter Schools Part of the Overall Solution

    Charter schools that specialize in particular subject of education such as science or liberal arts should be included in the overall picture of education reform. In a sense, charter schools in a public system are one way kids can experience going to what seems like a private school only it is free if you are able to enroll in the program. Charter schools can help give children a better education, but the system isn't the only thing needed to reform the public education system in America.


    Live in poor state poor town. Public schools not good after elementary. Thought charter was better, sadly mistaken. Daughter dropped in academics. Offered my sports knowledge and my time free! Denied! Daughter not allowed either. I am not on pto, booster or rich. Knives, disrespect allowed and principal does nothing!!!!!

  • Schools with public funds must operate publicly

    It is ridiculous and unfair to public schools that independent, private schools should receive public money and receive no governmental surveillance and regulation. It unfairly gives kids in private schools an even greater advantage over those who attend public schools, but also unfairly sends taxpayer money to already well-off kids. Charter schools are detrimental to the education system in America.

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