Charter schools: Do charter schools offer beneficial choices to parents/students?

  • Charter School Teachers are not afraid of Partnering with Parents

    Charter Schools allow more parental involvement in school decision and in the schools themselves. Besides listening to parents, charter schools are more active in reducing bullying and more receptive to individual students needs and educational goals. Charter Schools should be given more money so they can improve even more. Thanks!

    Posted by: KBP
  • Yes, charter schools are viable choices.

    Charter schools are still public schools, and public schools must be able to continue. A charter school gives parents within a particular district more charge over the kind of education their children will have so it is a beneficial choice. It feels like a private school but still functions as a public one.

  • Yes, charter schools can be good for parents and students.

    Charter schools were controversial when they first opened, but they have gained some respect. One of the main differences compared to public schools is how they can be more creative in how they teach. Additionally, the student to teacher ratio may be better than in public schools, so students can be given more one-on-one attention at their specific levels. Perhaps the most important thing is that they allow parents a choice in where their child goes to school, and if things aren't working in public school, for example, the parent will be able to make a switch to see if the child is able to excel elsewhere, without the fees that would be involved with a private school.

  • Charter schools break a promise to educate everyone

    Public schools make a promise to educate all the children in a given community. Charter schools and other private schools make a promise to investors that they will make money. Even so-called not-for-profit charter schools have ways (for instance, shady real estate deals) that they use to turn a profit, essentially bilking taxpayer money. Charter schools get to pick and choose which students they want to educate through selective admissions and zero-tolerance policies, which makes them only look better on paper when talking about percentages of graduates. Charter schools funnel public money away from already underfunded public schools. Charter school advocates say that their efforts are about civil rights; however, the effect of charter schools has been to make school segregation worse, rather than better. Charter schools distract from the important question: What would happen if we fully funded public schools? Charter schools disenfranchise the public they purport to serve. For instance, public schools are governed by an elected school board, but charter schools take public money and are seldom accountable to anyone, causing a situation of taxation without representation. Charter schools replace experienced teachers from the local community with minimally trained Teach For America temps. Charter schools are bad for kids, parents, taxpayers, and communities.

  • Charter schools break important promises

    Charter schools get to pick and choose which children they educate, making it look on paper like they do a better job of educating children, which is the breaking of a promise to educate all children. Charter schools drain money from public schools, and they aren't held accountable by elected school boards, which is a breaking of a promise, causing a situation called Taxation Without Representation. Charter schools are often staffed by poorly qualified temps from Teach For America, when it has been shown that commited, experienced teachers from the local community do a better job. Charter proponents attempt to make their cause a civil rights issue, when they have made school segregation worse. Charter schools distract from the real issue, which is: What would happen if we fully funded public schools and renewed our promise to educate everyone?

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