• Money is Safe

    My money is safe with Chase. Hacks are about stealing ids rather than stealing money from accounts. If you monitor your id, you should be fine. You must always maintain your vigilance against unknown charges and strange bills in light of these hacks. If you keep a look out on your finances, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Yes, Chase Bank is a reputable bank and managing it's security adequately

    Yes, your money is safe with Chase bank. Hackers are becoming more and more prevalent and targeting specific networks to cause havoc. All banks are working to make their networks impenetrable and are staying ahead of hackers. This is happening to all businesses and institutions, not just Chase. Information Security professionals network and continue to learn to make networks as secure as possible.

  • No, your money is not safe with Chase bank.

    In a sense, the recent announcement that Chase's databases have been compromised by malicious hackers isn't completely a surprise. Over the past few years, a string of companies have been hit by similar leaks, including some of the biggest names in the US consumer market, such as Home Depot and Target. In light of these attacks, it's hardly surprising to discover that yet another US corporation isn't taking the security of its customers' information nearly seriously enough. That being the case, it's almost tempting to argue that, while Chase clearly can't be trusted with sensitive consumer information, they're no worse than the many other companies with similar problems. But ultimately this stance is unacceptable: consumers must demand that consumer facing corporations take responsibility for the security of the information they collect from consumers, and as of now, Chase has clearly failed in that regard.

  • No, I do not believe money is safe with Chase bank.

    I personally do not believe that any information is safe. This situation is similar to the Target system hack. Consumers must be extremely careful when and where they are swiping cards and entering bank information. There is more than just money tied to your account, there are social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, etc. If a hacker is able to penetrate the systems Chase bank has in place, then my money is not safe enough for my liking.

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