• Customers lose security integrity over Chase Bank hack

    While Chase Bank may be renowned for one of the largest banks in North America, its security infrastructure is something that most would not expect from a top bank. This goes off to show that Chase does not hold the privacy of its customers as its top priority, as such, if they had paid any attention to it, the bank would have been able to prevent this attack by placing more budget into its security department, which it had failed to do. Those whom have been affected by the hack will likely switch over to other banks with better track records due to an extreme loss of confidence in Chase, an inevitable result of the attack.

  • Any Financial Institution is at risk of being Hacked

    In this day and age, banks are being cyber attacked on a daily basis from the largest institutions such as Chase, to your local neighborhood bank. By changing bank accounts, you could be switching to a bank that has just as high a risk of being hacked, and end up in the same cycle. Banks are liable for any stolen funds as a result of hacking, it is recommended that as a customer you keep a close eye on your accounts and reports any discrepancies.

  • No, they shouldn't switch yet.

    It is too soon to be thinking about switching one's commitment to a different bank. Given the state of banking security right now, it would be foolish to believe that other banks are immune to the type of breach that Chase Bank just suffered. The customers could switch, but that won't give them any more security than they already have at their current bank.

  • No, Chase customers should not switch banks.

    Chase bank was recently hacked, but this should not prompt its customers to switch banks. Any financial institution, no matter what they claim, is vulnerable to computer security breaches. Many retailers have also suffered the same fate. Last Christmas, Target inadvertently leaked the classified banking information of thousands of their customers. In the end, Target made adjustments to the imperfections in their system and provided incentive for their customers to continue shopping with them. Chase will do the same; they will fix their issues, come back stronger than they were before the hack and may even offer perks to retain their loyal customers. Now is not the time to switch banks, especially when computer hacking is more common place in the financial industry as a whole than ever before.

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