• Probably is, sadly

    I think people should definitely be prepared for this to be the new normal. We need to keep an eye on our finances and things like that. If it's all online, it is easy for someone to hack. There are plenty of ways to reduce your foot print online, and plenty of ways to keep your information safe.

  • Welcome to the future.

    With our generation becoming more and more advanced technically, this is going to be something we should get used to. Online banking has become really easy for those of us to check our accounts, however, it is has also become increasingly easy for others to check and send money without leaving there house.

  • No, massive hacks such as Chase Bank are not the new norm on banking customers.

    Massive hacks such as Chase Bank are not on the way to becoming the new norm for online and traditional banking customers. Massive intrusions such as the Citibank break in were require human failure on a massive scale. After the rush we'll find that it's business as usual for the nations' biggest banks.

  • Hacking should never be normal for customers.

    When a customer gives their business to a bank, they expect their information and funds to be safe. Chase is not exception. Chase should be prepared, and take necessary steps in insure the safety of their customers in the event of being hacked. The customer always comes first. Chase needs to live by this rule.

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