• Yes, I think so.

    Today, chastity belts have made a resurgence for use in sexual role-playing. We will leave it at that, but next time, someone talks about a fair maiden from medieval times and her chastity belt, you can let them know that the evidence that chastity belts were used during the medieval times is scant, being more a product of the much more recent Victorian era.

  • Seems like it violates human rights.

    A human should be in charge of whether they want to have sex or not. There must be another willing person involved of course. As long as 2 people want to have sex they should be able to have sex. I think the only situation this would be okay is if they were a sex offender.

  • Chastity Belts Should be Outlawed

    Chastity belts were originally designed to make it easier women to remain faithful when their mates were away. Using chastity belts in modern times violates a person's freedom of choice and will not stop sexual activities from taking place. In modern times they are not usually used for the original intended purpose. Modern chastity belts are not manufactured for women only, but also for men. These devices do not serve a purpose in modern society.

  • They are inhumane.

    Chastity belts are inhumane because they violate basic standards for a person's body to be free. Anyone that used one in history was abused. They are a sexually deviant practice. They should be banned in order to protect people from abuse at the hands of others. There is no proper use for such an item.

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