Cheap Weddings Lead to Fewer Divorces: Does the cost of a wedding predict the outcome of the marriage?

  • Vegas drive-thru wedding.

    Out of all my friends, the longest lasting and most happily married couple I know of is my good buddy who got married in a drive-thru in Vegas, despite the fact that both his parent and his wife's parent didn't approve of their engagement. I'm surprised myself that a drive-thru wedding could last this long. Shows what i know about CHEAP WEDDINGS.

  • Yes, cheaper weddings reflect successful marriages

    It is my belief that the more cheaply a couple gets married, the more likely the couple is to stay together. When a couple pays for a lavish wedding ceremony, often they are distracting themselves from the future of their marriage, and placing too much emphasis on enjoying the present. This distraction can lead to disappointments later.

  • Yes, the cost of a wedding is a predictor of its success

    The higher cost weddings indicate that their is a focus on the extravagant impression made to the guests rather than the meaningful ceremony for the bride and groom. Weddings can be more about the family and pressures to show wealth and status. But the bride and groom need to set the right tone and the reflection of who they are during the wedding event.

  • There is not enough information to jump to conclusions.

    I don't see how a mildstone event as a wedding could predict the outcome of a marriage. There might be another explanation. It seems to me that people who don't care about money, say more spirituals, have more success in marriage than people who are more materialistic. So, if you are pretending to have a modest wedding expecting to have a succesful marriage, I am afraid you are deluded.

  • Ultimately, it depends on the strength of the relationship

    This is somewhat of a yes and a no. If a couple spends far too much on their wedding and are unable to support themselves financially afterward, it can reasonably lead to divorce due to financial struggles. However, the cost of a wedding should not predict the outcome of the marriage. A husband and wife's bond can often withstand money issues if it is strong enough. Cheaper weddings are certainly a smarter choice, but they do not necessarily guarantee a long marriage.

  • Probably not but it helps.

    I'd say it could be a factor. If you are a couple who just got married and you spent most of your money on the wedding, you wouldn't have that much leftover for everyday life. Your wedding day would be beautiful and all but regular life would be hard when you're strapped for cash.

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