• Cheerleading is even more difficult than the sports they encourage!

    We not only have to practice, and compete but we jump, dance, stunt and tumble all with huge smiles on our faces! While boys are lifting and throwing 2 pound balls we lift and throw live girls! You try it you would be surprised at what you find out! We work hard!

  • Cheerleaders are Athletes and Cheer is a Sport.

    Sport- an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. This is the dictionary definition of a sport. Cheer requires cardio, training, and skill all while fighting for gold. Cheer includes pieces of dance, gymnastics, and even adds some of its own sparkle. Cheerleaders practice five times a week starting during June and ending between March and April. The most satisfying thing a cheerleader can do is not about make-up or cheering at a school game. The most satisfying thing is hitting the stunt that was so hard to achieve, sticking the tumbling with the exact technique, or nailing the routine that took hours learning and perfecting. A general cheer routine last for about 2 and a half minutes leaving no room for any mistakes. All sports have uniforms, yes cheer has a unique one, but only for benefit. Jumping, stunting, and tumbling cannot be safely done with baggy shorts and lots of padding. Cheerleaders need a uniform that will allow them to move safely to achieve the trick they are going for. As for make-up, that is only so the judges will be able to easier see the cheerleaders facials and expressions. Cheer is a fierce competitive sport that requires stamina and strength.

  • Cheer is not a sport

    People see cheerleading more as a entertainment and plus you guys have to wear make up so that you guys can play on the side "HELLO THE GAME IS IN THE MIDDLE NOT ON THE SIDE". You guys only make $100-$200 a game and only if you go on the elite squad and even if you make it you only get $1,000 a year good luck paying your rent. While real sports get paid up to $100,000 A WEEK.

  • Cheerleading is not a sport

    Cheerleading is not a sport because they wear 10 pounds of make and no real sport team does that.And all they do is jump around for 2 mins.Cheerleading is lesser than dance and chreeleading is a group of people cheering on a real sport team.So that is why I think cheerleading is not a sport.

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