Cheetah population dwindling: Should Americans keep cheetahs as pets to keep their population up?

  • I think that cheetahs are cute harmless animals that soon will die off

    The never did anything to people so why should die off.It is not there fault that people hate them.They are amazing animals that deserve to be love for being a nice and lovable creature. Cheetahs are so amazing because they are the fastest land creature there is anywhere in the world.

  • Americans should keep cheetahs as pets.

    This would keep up the population but they could become domesticated like common house cats and the world would loose a fierce predator and a key stone species in the wild. But we could solve these problems by domesticating some of the wild cats and keeping some in the wild. But they are in fact wild animals and they could also be predicted to act wildly. This might not be a problem because normally most dogs have the ability to become rabid or wild but also can be one of the most favorite pets, this could happen with cheetahs.

  • Yes, i think so.

    One of the best ways to promote environmental health and diversity, as well as protect threatened and endangered species, is to legalize and regulate the hunting/trading of them. There will always be people who want exotic pets. It's better for them to go through channels that keep them in touch with the status of the animals in the wild and have their money go to protecting and proliferating the animals than avoiding the law and padding the pockets of poachers (Even though a lot of poachers are feeding and protecting starving African and Indian villages, so...) The "More tigers in captivity than in the wild" is not a bad thing, either, as long as the tigers are thriving in captivity. The problem is that Cheetahs are dwindling in captivity, so they're going extinct on two fronts. Even in a worst-case scenario of tigers going extinct in the wild, it won't be a death knell for the species as a whole.

  • Cheetahs, would be awesome pets, but one key factor changes this for me.

    Cheetahs are endangered as you all know and so keeping them as pets would not only decrease their numbers, it would increase the amount of smuggled cubs. The only way to get cheetahs to America would be an expensive trip, or most people would buy the cheaper ones, ones that have been taken from Africa or Asia and mistreated or malnourished. You yourself would buy a smuggled cheetah without knowing it, and so provide a gateway for poachers to possibly bring in more animals such as lions, tigers, elephants and more brought illegally into the country. IN all cheetahs are graceful, amazing creatures, but the effect on the population and poachers are to great a risk to take for having our own pet cheetahs.

  • NO, they should not.

    Cheetahs are still dangerous wild animals and this could have deadly consequences. Not only could it have deadly consequences for Americans to keep cheetahs as pets, but there is no guarantee that the Cheetas will breed in captivity and that the population will be increased. Instead cheetas should be better protected in the wild.

  • No, Americans should not keep cheetah as pets

    No, Americans should not keep cheetah as pets. This would create a dangerous situation in neighborhoods where children and other pets live. People could get hurt because so stupid person could not figure out not to keep a cheetah in his backyard. These animals are not pets even if there is a limited number of them.

  • No, Americans should not keep cheetahs as pets to keep their population up.

    No, Americans should not keep cheetahs as pets to keep their population up. Cheetahs are wild animals that would not enjoy lives in captivity in human dwellings. Being wild, they would also be prone to unpredictable behavior and may cause injury of grave deaths to the humans attempting to house them.

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