Chelsea Handler and Heather McDonald: Should someone stay in a job when they are afraid all the time?

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  • Mental Health Is More Important

    There is nothing more important than a person's mental and physical health. If her job is making her feel afraid all of the time, this has negative mental and physical effects. Even if a job pays great, money is not worth a life that's spent in situations with constant stress and strife.

  • No, work has to be a safe place.

    Nobody should ever be kept in stressful situations, specially at work. We spend most of our day at work, most of our life even. It should not be a place where you are afraid or uncomfortable, but a place where you find fulfillment, safety and friends. Human resources needs to get more involved.

  • A Job Which Entials Fear is not a Productive One

    Study after study have shown that when a person is in fear or unhappy in a job, their productivity severely suffers. This not only hurts the individual, but it also hurts the company for which they work. Every person is entitled to a job which supports them professionally, makes them feel safe and productive, and pays a fair, liveable wage.

  • Continued Stress is Not Good

    Clearly if you are afraid at your job all of the time, then it is not a good place to be. Finding the right job for you is making sure you are happy at what you do, and being afraid all of the time is not only stress on your body, it can lead to some very vital consequences. If you are afraid at your job, you are likely going to mess up and not do well, which in turn will also add more stress. No one should stay in a job that they are afraid.

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