Chelsea Handler has a new miniseries on Netflix: Is Chelsea Handler still relevant?

  • Chelsea Handler is more relevant than ever

    Chelsea Handler is an American literary and TV folk hero - she actually is more relevant than EVER. Her last book was on the New York Times best seller list in 2014. She is reinventing herself on Netflix. More importantly, let's think about what Chelsea actually represents. A strong American woman defining herself at will in the public eye, all the while showing the conflict that comes from the clash between traditional roles and post-consumer self-identity. We truly find ourselves at a cross-roads and Chelsea brings it out in plain sight for us.

  • Chelsea Handler is old news

    Chelsea Handler has been using the variations on the same routine throughout her career. She is always rude, a little rough, and plays on being a pretty girl with no boundaries. This act is getting old, especially as she is now a middle-aged woman. The insults, intimations of excessive alcohol consumption and sexual escapades are boring. She should come up with some new material

  • Was She Ever Relevant?

    What even does relevant mean? Look, if people want to watch her show, then they'll watch her show. If people want to produce her show, people will produce her show. If relevancy is measured by how many people watch her show and how many shows she produces, then I guess there's only one way to find out. People can stay 'relevant' even if they've not been in the spotlight for a while.

  • Past Her Prime

    Chelsea Handler has her fan base, but I don't think that she appeals to a wide audience anymore. Over the last year, she has grown more bitter, and a lot of people are turned off by her angry brand of comedy. The Netflix miniseries will be watched by those who are already Chandler fans, but she is definitely past her prime and no longer relevant for the majority of people.

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