Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion Zone to be Largest Solar Farm: Could radiation affect this technology?

  • Yes, but it does depend on the technology used

    Yes, there is a certain way that radiation can affect the technology used in solar power production, although It depends on the technology used in this process. I think that the mirrors and central tower are pretty much immune to the damaging effects of the radiation, but photo-voltaic panels probably wouldn't survive for too long. Not to mention that high levels of radiation present there would tremendously complicate the construction and maintenance of the plant .

  • Existing radiation will slow construction of solar farm

    The Chernobyl site was once a site for energy construction. The transmission lines are already in place, but workers constructing the solar farm will have to were protective clothing. Their workdays and hours will be limited. Any monitoring of the solar farm or repairs to equipment will be more costly due to existing radiation.

  • There is a good possibility radiation could affect solar farm

    Radiation could affect solar technology but it is unknown what the affects are. The only way to know are through tests so these tests should be done before proceeding with building this solar farm. There's also a chance that there's no effects which would make this a great use of a radiation zone.

  • The research says this is not a problem

    The scientists in Russia already looked at whether the Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion Zone is safe for building a wind farm, and have concluded that it is. There is residual radiation in the area, but not in quantities that will hurt people. They wouldn't build a facility that will blow air around the area if it wasn't safe.

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