• Chess boosts your learning

    Chess is an intellectual game. There are millions of players worldwide, and the worst school child can play the best Grandmaster.

    Chess is known to be closely related to maths and music, meaning that if you play chess, you will get a boost in those areas.

    That is why chess should be taught in schools

  • Chess should be taught as a subject.

    It helps mentally weak students in math, which is a debate on this website. It teaches you strategy and gives you skills in life that you need when you get a job. It also helps by giving interest in school so kids will want to go to school. Also chess enhances foresight, planning, and analyzing.

  • Chess should be taught as a school subject!!!

    There are more pros than cons.
    The only con is that it wastes time.
    If we were taking these pros and cons as debates, and giving them
    Points than pros would win.

    Pro. It will boost memory,problem solving and attention. 2 points
    Pro it will help in other school subjects. 2 points
    Con it is time consuming. 3 points

    It should maybe only be a single period.

  • Not as a mandatory core subject

    I ran/taught several volunteer Chess clubs in different schools and in the community in the past. While I think every child deserves the opportunity to learn the game from an experienced player, I don't think there is room for it on time table. I acknowledge that in Quebec Canada, they do seem to make a go of it however. My preference would be for every school to have a Chess club that is organized by an experienced coach.

  • Only slightly helpful or useful in the grand scheme of things.

    Why I agree that chess is a wonderful way of teaching foresight, planning and analyzing, it should not be taught as a full school subject. School is about creating a well rounded personality in students to help them succeed later in life, and in the grand scheme of things, chess would only help a person hoping to become a military officer. I disagree with the_monsters point that chess is related to maths and music as chess is less about calculating and more about long term planning and strategy. And the connection between chess and music is non-existent unless you enjoy listening to music while playing chess. In the end, chess would be a waste of classes which could be spent learning geography, international-politics, languages or other useful subjects in this rapidly globalizing world. This is especially true in schools of the USA, where international education is lacking to put it lightly.

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