Chicago Blackhawks: Did you stay up to watch the triple-overtime winning goal against the Anaheim Ducks?

  • I was pulling for the Ducks but was not unhappy by the triple-overtime athletics seen in the Ducks vs. Blackhawks game.

    The Anaheim Ducks are my team, so I was of course rooting for them to win last night. The game proved to be one of the best in recent Stanley Cup history, going triple overtime. Unfortunately, my Ducks did not win, but the skills and athleticism displayed by both teams last night in this triple-overtime game made the loss palatable.

  • Yes, the overtime win by the Blackhawks was a great game!

    I'm not the biggest hockey fan but I was excited by the Blackhawks' win in three overtimes! My girl is from the Windy City and is the biggest fan on the planet. We had friends over and watched EVERY minute of that game. I was impressed that Corey Crawford andn Andersen had 113 saves between them.

  • No, I did not stay up to watch the triple-overtime winning goal against the Anaheim Ducks.

    No, I did not stay up to watch the winning goal. Watching the goal would have required two things: first, that I watched hockey games, and second, that I was awake at the time. I do not watch hockey, as I do not like the game, and find it boring. Also, at the time of the goal I was sound asleep in my own bed.

  • Not my type of game

    I did not and generally do not prefer watching professional hockey. Like not to many I hear of, I actually appreciate the amateur sports teams better than the pros, because it's watching something less polished/professional and it has that zing to it that makes it just more appealing. I did not see this game for that very reason, and I do not like the teams.

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