Chicago Police Celebrity Criticism: Do you agree with Quentin Tarantino's accusation that Chicago PD committed an "extreme act of abuse?"

  • I think what the Chicago PD did was awful.

    Unfortunately, I have seen the awful video of the shooting of LaQuan McDonald, and it was truly an "extreme act of abuse." The worst part if the police kept it hidden for a year. I think there are major changes that need to be made in the Chicago police department so it doesn't happen from now on.

  • Quentin Tarantino is right: Chicago PD committed an extreme act of abuse.

    Quentin Tarantino is right in accusing the Chicago PD of committing an extreme act of abuse. No one can deny that the shooting of Laquan McDonald was extreme and a clear abuse of power. And if not for the dashcam video evidence, this police murder would have been swept under the rug and forgotten.

  • I agree with Quentin Tarantino in principle.

    I don't know the details but I do answer "yes" on default because I trust and respect the integrity of Quentin Tarantino due to his artistic efforts as well as the views I've seen him express in other video interviews of him that i have seen. Chicago police were just reported to have secret torture and punishement centers that are off-books. This is probably not being investigated anymore.

  • totally agree with Quentin

    If even the most popular people such as Quentin Tarantino accuse Chicago police of 'institutional racism', it means that it's already not a local problem. It started after death of Laquan McDonald, a black teenager shot by a Chicago officer in 2014 and nothing was done to solve this problem from the side of goverment.

  • More media bull.

    Welcome trial by media. Were the media tells you who to blame and for what. According to the media, a good young black man (McDonald) was gunned down by an evil white police officer because of his race and the only reason why he is not already serving a life sentence for first degree murder is because of a corrupt racist police department. Sound about right? About the only things that are know to be true from that is the officer shot and killed McDonald. The rest is just speculation and assumptions that are unlikely if not completely false.
    Fact is, McDonald was far from being a good kid. He had a history of being involved with gang and selling drugs to support his own drug habits. (1) Sure, the officer had complaints against him of excessive force but then again, people will say just about anything in an attempt to get away with something, or even just to get the charges reduced. Granted, the officer may have gone a bit too far, but it may have been the first time he actually fired his weapon in the line of duty and just panicked. The problem with charging him with murder, on the other hand, is motive. Why would he want McDonald dead? In his history in the Chicago police department (14 years) he would have been around many black people so why pick McDonald to kill? Pretty sure just about any reason you can think of to target McDonald would/could also be seen as just cause thus not murder. You can't really consider the Chicago police department as a group of white racists as only 55% of the police force is white.(2) Sure, they make up the majority but can you name any white racist organization that has minorities much less is comprised by about 44% minorities? I doubt it.
    I would say one of the biggest contributing factors was that McDonald was on PCP. Not sure if you know much about it's effects but from other videos I have seen, officers have used stun guns, mace, and their batons on them with little if any effect. If you were faced with someone like that who had already used a knife to assault police vehicles and refused to drop it, what other method would you use to disarm him?
    In reality, the entire chain of events that lead to the shooting were by McDonald's doing. He was the one who put PCP in his system. He was the one who broke into cars brandishing a knife. He was the one who assaulted police vehicles. He is the one who did not drop the knife. Had he not done any of that, he would never have been shot by the officer. In the end, the picture the media shows you is false. Why would they paint such a picture? Money of course. I could go on but almost out of space.


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