• App markets have become saturated by business apps that have no real value

    Every company worth its salt now has its own app, but the functionality and originality of those apps is questionable. Most are simply clones of other similar apps and provide little functional benefit. Most of the features of the app could be accomplished by calling the business or by going on their website.

  • No, there are not too many apps.

    No, there are not too many apps. Mobile and web based applications help give companies an edge in the age of technology. People have to really how an app adds value to their life. Not everyone wants to stand in line at a counter and make orders in person, so a Chick-fil-a targets those consumers that prefer to use that type of technology. Apps can be an annoyance, but people have a choice - download or don't download, update or uninstall.

  • Apps make our lives easier

    I don't frequent Chick-fil-A, but I have a Papa John's app and I use it every weekend. I think there are a lot of apps, but we as consumers, need to be choosy, I guess. There's no point in adding a whole bunch of apps to your phone that you won't use, but having a lot to choose from is nice. Each person is different. Everyone has their priorities. The Papa John's app gives me special weekend deals and I almost always take advantage of them. I say keep 'em coming! I won't use that many, but it's nice to have a variety to choose from.

  • Different Apps for Different Appetites

    I do believe that there are more apps today than we could ever begin to keep up with. However, different apps work for different people. Some will choose to use certain apps and other people will download the ones that work for them. The apps that don't get attention will taper off. The differences in people's phone behavior choices is what makes it possible for there to be apps and so I think people should continue to provide newer choices for consumers.

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