Chicken or the egg: Which came first, the chicken (yes) or the egg (no)?

  • Yes, God created the chicken.

    Yes, the chicken came first, because God created it. God created all of the animals and one of them was the chicken. There couldn't be an egg until there was a chicken to create an egg. Even believing evolution, there would still have to be a chicken before there could be an egg.

  • The Chicken Came First

    The chicken had to have come first because chickens sit on their eggs for warmth, and the egg hatches. The egg couldn't have come first because the chicken would need to sit on it to hatch it. If there was no chicken, the egg could not hatch and we would always have eggs with no chicken.

  • Chicken came first

    God created life the chicken came first. God created us in his image he made the chicken and then the chicken laid the egg. How could a egg just come out of no where. God created a chicken the it laid eggs and maid more chickens. Evolution is hoax. God created you, God loves you. Jesus is always with you.

  • Creation Proves It

    All we have to do is prove Creation. Which means we must only disprove evolution. So. Spill a bucket of legos on the floor. Now wait. And wait, and wait. Do you see a house yet? No? How about a table? Still no? Okay, are any even connected? Have they moved? Now what do you think would happen if you threw a bunch of chemicals in a bowl? Would they combine to create life? Even if you put in the basic elements of life, you wouldn't get a thing. Therefore, Creation must be true. Plus, the Bible has never been wrong in all its prophecies, so why would it be wrong in the beginning? So since Creation is true, God created land creatures on Day 6. Nowhere does it say anything about creating eggs. Therefore the chicken was created on Day 6, then laid an egg.

  • Chicken came first

    A special protein called oc-17 is necessary for a chicken egg to be made. But what does it come from? The only thing the protein comes from is chicken. Therefore, the chicken had to have come first time make the protein. And that my fellow people, is why the chicken came first.

  • Chicken came first

    Yes. If you look at it from a perspective of evolution and genetics the chicken came from an egg however it was not a chicken egg but an egg of its processor, which the chicken had eveolved from. Thus the first true chicken egg was laid by the first chicken.

  • The Chicken came first

    Why did the chicken come first? Because of evolution. The chicken had to arise as a species before it could lay chicken eggs. So the so-called hard to answer question is actually quite easy if one has a simple understanding of biology and evolution. Of course, if you don't accept evolution, then I guess some god did it.

  • Na ya mum

    An egg came first because I like chicken nuggets and I especially like to fart at McDonald’s and some people won’t agree but I totally agree with myself and it’s time to get frisky with kremit and you need to change your ways. The person who is reading this is gay and my name is jeff

  • The egg came first

    I think it is the egg because DNA can sometimes change in a son or daughter. So like 10,000 years ago there must have been an animal that was a lot like a chicken that when it bred it laid a chicken egg instead of it’s own kind of egg.

  • Eggs were around long before chickens. Even if it isn't a chicken egg, it is still an egg. The first egg-laying creature came before chickens.

    The egg came first. The question isn't what came first the chicken or the chicken egg. It is what came first the chicken or the egg. So it doesn't matter what type of an egg it is. Therefore the egg came first. So my answer is "no". I rest my case

  • The egg did come first

    I say this because the questions states what came first the chicken or the egg, not the chicken or the chicken egg. Therew were many animals born before the chicken that created eggs and two of them were bird like animals that created the chicken. But either way it doesn't matter when the chicken created, but we have the fact that eggs came first, since dinosaurs came way before chickens and dinosaurs also layed eggs, so yah the egg came first.

  • Reptile fossils date back further than bird fossils.

    Reptiles lay eggs. So between the chicken and the egg, then the egg was first. However, if you say chicken vs chicken egg. Then it is the chicken. Let's say bird A + Bird B = Bird C (chicken). If A is female and B is male, then it is A's egg, not chicken's egg. The offspring is A and B's. However in the creation of a new species, the offspring is considered C, not AB because it is a new gene. The egg still belongs to A, the sperm to B. But the life belongs to C. The egg is not a chicken egg, it is A's egg. Chicken vs egg = egg. Chicken vs chicken egg= Chicken.

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  • T'was the egg

    Evolution occurs between generations and at the point of conception (in egg form) the chicken had the same DNA (and is therefore a chicken) until the day it dies. The parents of the first chicken were predecessors evolutionary wise and at the point of conception the first chicken as we know it today was created. The point when this happened would be extremely difficult to pinpoint because of the smooth transition between ancestor and progeny genetics, a line would have to be drawn where we think the change should be. Technically the parent and child would be the same species because of their ability to produce viable offspring but at some point there were genes created that make the chicken uniquely chicken.

  • Eggs come first

    Why? The question specifically asks the 'egg' not the 'chicken egg', therefore since the chicken originates from a mutation between organisms that evolved through time, the 'egg' came first hatching the first ever chicken. However if you refer to it as the 'chicken egg', the chicken came first hatching the first chicken egg. It's just a matter of pronounciation and understanding.

  • The egg came first

    What would the first chicken have come out from? An egg. If the first chicken did not come out from an egg, then it technically was not a chicken, but another animal. Also there could have been eggs from other animals that came before the chicken and its egg did.

  • Depends on your definition of a chicken egg.

    There's always the argument "the egg came first cuz dinosaurs laid eggs", but we're clearly referring to chicken eggs here. If we define a chicken egg as an egg laid by a chicken, then the chicken obviously came first, it having been laid by whatever the chicken evolved from. If a chicken egg is an egg from which a chicken hatches, then the egg came first. Just depends on the definitions we're using.

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