Chiefs' RB Spencer Ware failed the second phase of concussion testing. Is the NFL doing enough to prevent head injuries?

  • I think yes

    I think yes because the NFL has moved kickoff touchbacks to the twenty-five yard line instead of the twenty yard line. This shows that the NFL is trying to get kick returners to kneel in the endzone instead of taking the ball out of the endzone. This is not in fault of the NFL.

  • Why u doing this

    The NFL has so much money and they need to realize that they are not protecting these guys after football and players will realize that they can't be protected in the NFL and less and less and they will lose those players that could have been great but instead the NFL cannot fund into safer helmets

  • No, the NFL is not doing enough to protect against head injuries.

    No, it is my belief that the NFL is not doing enough to protect against head injuries because, time and time again, we see multiple neck and head injuries that lead to extreme problems, every Sunday in NFL games. It is a real problem because the head is the most important part of a body, and it is not worth the risk over a football game.

  • It's a widespread problem.

    No, the NFL does not do nearly enough to prevent and treat concussions. Concussions are a serious problem in the NFL. The people who sustain them have lifelong consequences as well as occasional death from confusion and disorientation. This is a known problem and yet people look the other way because they like football. It's tragic.

  • No, it is not.

    Chiefs head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder said running back Spencer Ware, who left the Chiefs’ 30-14 win over the Colts on Sunday because of a concussion, never got out of the second phase of the concussion testing. That portion includes a SCAT — or a sports concussion assessment test — that includes memory recall, balance testing, symptom questioning and eye testing and is administered via iPad. It is not enough. It's his 1st concussion, symptoms typically clear up within 24-72 hours on your 1st one.

  • No, the NFL is not doing enough to prevent head injuries.

    I believe that there are too many injuries in football and that the risks do not outweigh the benefits. Is a game really worth the risk of death? You cannot take your money with you to your grave. Not only are the players risking their lives every time they play a game, but they are also receiving injuries that will follow them through their old age.

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