Child beauty pageants: Are child beauty pageants tolerable (yes), or should they be banned (no)?

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  • Beauty Pageants for children under 16 should be banned, if you agree with me SIGN MY PETITION!!!

    I have started a petition to ban child beauty pageants for children under 16, if you support me, add your signature to mine on this website I NEED 100,000 SIGNATURES BY APRIL 26 2015 TO HAVE THE PETITION REVIEWED BY THE WHITE HOUSE. Help save Beauty Pageant victims from their "momster".

  • Child beauty pageants are disgusting

    There is no reason for a young child to be interested in beauty. There is a time for everything and beauty should not be of concern to a child. This will ultimately lead to problems with self image and confidence. Regardless of how these things are affected, there will be some effect. Some will think they are perfect, others will think they are not, and occasionally some may turn out okay. Child beauty pageants should be illegal.

  • No, they should be banned.

    I'm not really sure which of the two "yes or no" questions in the title I should be responding to, but my opinion is that child beauty pageants, as they are now, should be banned. I would like to emphasize the "as they are now" part. I don't think there's anything inherently negative in facilitating a healthy amount of competition between children, but pageants today are a disgrace. The results of these pageants shouldn't be based on who got their teeth bleached the most, who dyed their hair, went tanning the most, or spent the most on their dress. And they definitely shouldn't involve kids under 5, who mostly get pushed into this by parents living vicariously through them. I think it should be based on talents and achievements, and should involve the talent section. And, for god's sake, no swimsuit section!

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