Child beauty pageants: Do beauty pageants violate gender boundaries?

  • No they do not

    There are a lot of things wrong with child beauty pageants and with beauty pageants as well, but I don't see how they necessarily violate gender boundaries. If anything that destructively enforce them. It's in the name itself; Beauty Pageant: a place to display beauty, which is typically used to refer to girls through social learnig

  • They are not meant to be looked at sexually

    I really don't have a problem with child beauty pageants. They should not be looked at in a sexual way by any means. These are not adults, they are children, and to me, this is a simply a "Who is the cutest girl" content, as opposed to who is the most attractive.

  • Pageants Don't Violate Gender Boundaries

    I do not believe beauty pageants violate gender boundaries. Beauty pageants, when thought of in a main stream sense, are put together for young women to compete. These associations have set up guidelines that these women must meet to enter these pageants and since it's a private organization, they have every right to do so.

  • Beauty Pageants Don't Violate Gender Boundaries

    Beauty pageants aren't necessarily good for a child's development, but they don't violate gender boundaries by any means. With that in mind, parents need to be cautious about letting their children enter these events because not all children can deal with the pressures very well. Pageants are designed to make children feel more confident, but they often have the reverse effect.

  • Gender boundries being violated are not the reason child beauty pageants should be looked at as child abuse

    Child beauty pageants are filled with parents (often mothers) using their child (mostly girls) to get money and attention. The children do not always want to be in these pageants and often are spray tanned and painted with makeup until they look like mini adults instead of children. They are often clothed in riske age inappropriate clothes and taught suggestive and occasionally lewd dance routines. This teaches these children to be accepted they need to be painted over until they look perfect. Pageants sexualize children and teaches them that sexual behavior is a way to win attention and approval.
    Child beauty pageants are not for the child but for the adult, for prestige and attention for the adult. For bragging rights. It is very sad to see what these women will do and say to compete in these pageants. They really take down the kids and set them up to be unhappy and without boundaries later in life.

  • No, but they're vapid.

    I don't know what "gender boundaries" means, but I don't think child beauty pageants cross any sort of gender threshold... I do think they're vapid, useless, and it should be considered child abuse to make your kid partake in such a base and useless thing in order to inflate your ego as a parent.

  • They are Hyper Gendered

    If anything child beauty pageants are hyper gendered. Everything that is associated with being female, like beautiful hair, glitter and makeup is pumped up to 11 (and then they add more glitter) The goal of a glitz beauty pageant is to have the child be as over as top as possible and attract the most attention and hopefully get the shinest, biggest crown.

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