Child beauty pageants: Do child beauty contests teach good life lessons?

  • Child beauty pageants teach young girls life lessons

    Beauty pageants do teach young girls life lessons because they teaches them confidence in themselves it also teaches girls to be a mold model for others. It teaches them to be responsible and teaches them how to speak in front of a big crowd and Learn self confidence and how to get involved in the world.

  • Many life skills are taught in natural pageants.

    Please note there is a difference between a natural pageants and glitz pageants. Toddlers and tiaras ate glitz. Natural pageants don't allow the fake stuff. They learn public speaking, interview skills, confidence, service/volunteerism, sportsmanship and so much more. A glitz pageant teaches your own skin isn't good enough. Natural pageants are the complete opposite. So before you go baking all pageants make sure you know the difference.

  • Teaches them to be confident

    It teaches them to be their very best and a health level of self confinfidence helps them make friends, improve social skills and communicate with adults more better. It makes them realise that they have to work hard to win trophies and prizes and that will make the prize more valuable for them

  • Child Beauty Pageants Send Wrong Message

    Child beauty pageants send messages that are completely wrong. First, it reinforces the false notion that outer beauty is more important than intelligence. Second, it gives young girls a false body image which could lead to eating disorders. Third, it ruins self-esteem because these girls think they only get praise by looking good. Child beauty contests don't teach any good life lessons to the girls involved.

  • Honey Boo Boo is Not Educational

    Children's beauty pageants do not teach good life lessons. If anything, they promote a sexualized and anti-feminist opinion that starts in young girls at a very tender age. Children are encouraged to be "sassy" and competitive, qualities that will not aide them in their adult lives. Girls also get the message that looks and appearance are more important than other skills. Child beauty pageants do not teach any good life lessons, with the exception of serving as an example of how not to raise your child.

  • No, child beauty pageants do not teach good lessons.

    Child beauty pageants can teach kids how to be good losers, as they can learn in any competition if they have proper explanations from adults, but, overall, they don't teach good lessons. The reason is because these events do not place value on a child's accomplishments, but rather on beauty and material possessions (such as having the best, priciest dress).

  • No, child beauty pageants do not teach good life lesson.

    I believe that child beauty pageants do not teach good life lessons. What it teaches them at an early age is that outside physical beauty is the only important thing. Beauty pageants do nothing to promote inner beauty. It is not a good life lesson to learn that the only way you "win" is by presenting a false self with lots of makeup, sparkly dresses and big hair dos.

  • Child contests are negative

    All child beauty contests teach children are that looks can get you anywhere and it's important to have others judge you. It parades young children around on stage, destroying their self esteem and making them depend on the approval of others. What contests for children should be encouraging is intelligence and imagination. Children should not be taught to use their body to gain approval, that is only setting them up for a bad life.

  • No, child beauty pageants teach terrible life lessons

    It's hard to find much good in a competition that more or less sexualizes children. These pageants teach at an early age that it's more important to look good doing something than to be good at it. The pressure parents put on the kids in these things really drains the fun out of the early years of their lives, I don't really think the country could get away with banning these things but I wish it could. The parents involved in these things should be ashamed of themselves but they are anything but.

  • I do not believe child beauty contests teach good life lessons

    I am of the belief that child beauty pageants can be harmful to young girls. They impress upon them at a very early age the notion of excessive image consciousness that prevails in our society. This notion, which is seen over and over again in our media, makes women ashamed of their bodies and can cause some to resort to drastic measures, including plastic surgery or even eating disorders, to attain this elusive "ideal". Placing that burden on an even younger age can be, in my opinion, disastrous.

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