Child beauty pageants: Do child beauty pageants over sexualize little girls?

  • Child beauty pageants are inappropriate.

    I think that the child beauty contests over sexualize little girls. I think that the whole aura of the contest is about sexualizing an innocent person, which is sort of dark and twisted in my opinion. I think that child beauty pageants are inappropriate and abusive towards the children involved.

  • Child beauty pageants do over sexualize little girls.

    Child beauty pageants do over sexualize little girls. I am sorry but I strongly believe this because a five year old should not be allowed to wear makeup or walk around on stage in a bikini. This event is all about outer beauty and when we think about outer beauty we naturally think of sex.

  • Yes they do.

    Child beauty pageants do sexualize little girls. Of course there may be a few that don't, but most do. When a young child is forced to wear makeup and dress as a teen or adult would, they are being sexualized. They also do performances that can sexualize them as well.

  • Yes, child beauty pageants sexualize little girls.

    I agree that child beauty pageants sexualize little girls. Little girls should never be sexualized not to mention overly sexualized. These children are manipulated by their parents and lack the judgment to determine for themselves what they are doing is inappropriate. Little girls should not rewarded for their beauty but their intelligence, their world is sexualized enough already.

  • Child Beauty Pageants: Too Much too Soon

    Child beauty pageants are far too sexualizing for impressionable young girls. These pageants teach young girls that their natural beauty is insufficient or unacceptable. Parents purchase expensive mouthpieces, hair pieces, and apply heavy makeup to those tiny girls. Their natural beauty and childhood innocence is completely hidden by all of these artificial devices.

  • Yes, They Reinforce Gender Stereotypes

    I believe child beauty pageants reinforce gender stereotypes. When little girls are entered into pageants, they are usually given consent by an adult/guardian. This gives credibility to the idea that women are sexual objects by showing children that adults are okay with it.

    Rather than focus on life skills, advancing and encouraging education, or breaking gender stereotypes, little girls are encouraged to wear makeup, dress in feminine clothing, and portray themselves as 'ladies'. Specifically, they are encouraged to participate in the swimsuit portion of the pageant, which does nothing more than reinforce to girls that women are supposed to be objects of beauty. Prizes are won and lost depending on this.

  • It should not be taken in a sexual way

    There is a huge difference between an adult beauty pageant and a child beauty pageant. A children's pageant is not meant to be taken in a sexual way, or designed to make the girls come off like they are "showing off". It is simply meant to be flashly and appealing.

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