Child Curfews: Do child curfews address a major problem?

  • Yes they do.

    Child curfews do address a major problem. Kids who are younger are immature, and do stupid things. By having a curfew for them, it helps prevent them from doing something stupid because they want to look "cool". They will be thankful for this when they become adults and look back.

  • Curfews keep child predators away from kids

    Yes, I do think that child curfews address a major problem quite accurately: Safety. You see, kids, it's not that we don't want you out having fun late at night. It's that we know there are some cruel adults in this world who want to do all sorts of heinous things to innocent kids under cover of darkness. Curfews keep those people away from you, for the most part.

  • Yes, it can.

    Child curfews help prevent many issues. One, it keeps kids out of the streets late at night so it assures they are safe and at home. It also keeps kids off the streets and away from doing harmful things. Not all kids think things through, that is why they need adult supervision, getting them home helps them make the right choices.

  • Yes, Curfews Address Troubled Youth

    I believe child curfews address a growing problem of troubled children. When a child is allowed to stay outside of the home past a certain time of the evening, it imposes a high risk of danger. The child is at risk of physical, mental, and emotional trauma, as well as exposure to alcohol and drugs.

    Creating a curfew allows the child to feel existing boundaries, and will help the child understand there are limits.

  • Child curfews address a major problem.

    Child curfews address a lot of major problems in society. Children have no need to be out at night. They should be at home sleeping or doing their homework. At any rate, kids will only get into trouble if they are outside late. They might join gangs or get involved in the drug trade.

  • Child curfews address a major problem.

    Child curfews address a major problem. This is because of the fact that if children are out past a certain time they are much more likely to be kidnapped, raped, or able to commit crimes that are more likely to occur at night. This is a major problem that would be addressed with child cufews.

  • Yes, child curfews address a major problem.

    I believe that child curfews address a major problem. The problem is when children stay out too late they can get into a lot of trouble, so curfews help with that. They are too immature to act responsibly. Curfews are also good for safety reasons. Having a child home early at night keeps the child safe from the dangers that lurk at night.

  • Kids 10 and under need curfews

    Kids under the age of 10 should have a curfew. They need at least 9 hours of sleep . 11 to 15 can go out with friend .But have to be in the house at least at 10:00. And infants to 10 7 to 10 maybe can be in the house by maybe 8:00.

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