• Child labour is better than poverty because a poor family can die of poverty because no food bath in dirty water etc.

    Child should work in other for them to survive poverty because a poor home can't afford any thing in the house.And if you are completely against child labour it is forced in through poverty. I know child labour is a terrible thing but is better than to die in poverty. I hope with this point of mine I have been able to convince you and not to confuse you that child labour is better than poverty.

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  • Form human survival

    It is very human nature for us to survive whatever it may means, even in a form of child labor. Child labor nowadays is very recognizable and acceptable due to the fact that children nowadays are suffering severe paucity. Of course, it is considerable to go to school to ensure their future and get quality jobs, but if a children with an empty stomach and fainting body will go to school, the learning will be ineffective and thus, invalid,. In the end, the means of human survival will be the most dominant and more acceptable.

  • It is a form of human survival

    It is human nature for us to survive in any means even in a form of child labor. Child labor nowadays is very acceptable due to the fact that child nowadays are suffering paucity forcing them to work and earn money. Of course, it is considerable for the children to go and learn to school, but if children with empty stomach, and fainting body will go to school, the learning would be thus ineffective and invalid, in the end, human survival will be the dominant and most acceptable

  • Child labour perpetuates poverty.

    It is a denial of children's human rights and indicts all those that help perpetuate it. Selling of children into this kind of servitude actually perpetuates a family's poverty because it lowers the adult wage.
    What shareholder in a globalised company sends his or her own child out to pick cotton or coffee, Make bricks from the age of three or work in a paddy field? The practice is indefensible.

  • Who came up with that foolishness?

    If there's labor for the child, There's labor for the adult. If the adult is working, There is no reason for the child to be working, Which he or she shouldn't be working anyway. If there are jobs for children, There should be jobs for the adults. If there are jobs for the adults, There shouldn't be poverty. The employers should be paying livable wages and budget their finance accordingly so that their employees are well taken care of in addition to the survival of the company. Ripping off your employees isn't the way to go.

  • Child labor is not better than poverty.

    Because someone, so say lives in poverty, that doesn´t mean that child labor is any better. Working innocent little children, is NOT the solution to any situation. Even if that means that you would have to live in poverty. I can understand from people disagreeing that poverty is a worse issue because it is, but also, would you rather have a little amount of food and be a child, or be an adult living on the streets with no money?

  • This is ridiculous

    Child labour has been an international concern because it damages, spoils and destroys the future of children. The problem of child labor is a serious matter. It is great social problem. Children are the hope and future of a nation. Yet, there are millions deprived children in our country who have never known a normal, carefree childhood. Child labour is the worst from of child exploitation. It is widespread all over the world. About seventy-three million children belonging to the age group of ten to fourteen years are engaged in child labour all over the globe. Illiteracy of the parents, large families, need of additional income and poverty are the chief causes of the exploitation of child labour. Parents are indirectly responsible for this. Childhood is the foundation of one’s career. At this stage, children should be sent to schools, not to work. Child labour lowers the wage rates of adult labourers. Employers exploit children due to their docile nature and their willingness to do monotonous jobs. They face health problems. Several programmes have been undertaken both at the national and international level to check and stop this practice. The people should also help the government in its efforts to tackle this problem.

  • Nothing but servitude.

    Child labor was nothing more than servitude, when populations migrated into the cities; child labor was preferred over adult labor because they were cheaper and more malleable in temperament. Children worked from dawn to dusk for pennies. It wasn’t until 1842 that a law limiting a child’s work day to 10 hours was put in place. Many children worked in sweat shops without employer concerns for their safety; many children were maimed by machines as a result. Due to their employment, poor children did not attend school which later resulted in a large illiterate adult population stuck in a vicious poverty cycle. It wasn’t until 1938 that the federal government regulated child labor. Prior to the law, adults were in competition with children for jobs which kept wages very low and kept people poor, as well as proved prohibitive toward work shop unionization.

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