• I begrudgingly agree.

    I am a large advocate for personal responsibility, and parents must be held accountable in this situation. However, in many situations, parents are more or less powerless. Due to the large amount of "learning" (conditioning may be a better word) that occurs in public schools, children acquire many of their morals and ideas in school. It is only because the government has control of the school system that they are held liable for a child's morality. This is even more prominent when both parents work and the child has limited interaction with the parents.

  • How far with they go???

    Well, the govermnent invented AIDS, the Holocaust and they rigged 9/11, so how far WILL they go? I think that the govermnent would definielty kill its own children because theres too many population and they need to cut it down. It all makes sense people, OPEN YOUR EYES AND SMELL THE FACTS AMERICA

  • Yes, it's their fault

    We know that child mortality caused by many factors, not only because of parents who lack knowledge and experience, but also there are some other factors, such as lack of skilled health personnel, the absence of early prevention, too late to be addressed, or the lack of socialization of the government of prevention of child mortality. If from the beginning the government held seminars or the like, then the child's death will not happen easily.

    Posted by: icha
  • Whose fault is it?

    Probably diseases, birth defects, or not enough food. Unless these things are devised by the government of course. I think it's strange to think that government can somehow be at fault. If the child lives past 5 years and dies, whose fault is it then (assuming that it is government's fault for child mortality)?

  • What does this have to do with the government?

    Infant mortality is actually pretty low in the western world. It could definitely be improved upon, but one can say that about almost anything. I don't understand what the government has to do with the problem though and what it could actually do to help?

    It's up to the medical community to propose solutions and then implement them. In cases of infant mortality I would assume the preventable cases have more to do with the mother having poor health than anything else. This doesn't require any action by anyone other than the parent.

  • No way is child mortality their fault.

    It is the responsibility of medical personnel, parents, and family to make sure that a child does not die. In the case of the government, the government is not at fault for the death of any child that dies due to late treatment, terminal disease, or something beyond the control of the government. This statement/question is too broad. O

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