Childless adults: Are more women going to follow the trend in Southern Europe and be childless?

  • Choosing not to have children could become more common.

    It is entirely reasonable to expect to see more women choosing to not have children as it is becoming more socially accepted. In the past and still today it is still expected that at some point women will "settle down" and have children. This has slowly been changing with women becoming a larger part of the workforce and seeking higher power careers/positions. Women are no longer expected to marry young and give us working to take care of their family. The stigma of being single or even married without children has lessened.

  • Yes more women will be childless

    It makes sense that more women will be childless going forward. For one thing, there will be more women as the population continues to increase and many will decide that the world isn't safe anymore and that it is simply too expensive to bring a child into the world. Many more will simply be too busy with careers to take time for pregnancy.

  • Women may remain childless at an increasing rate.

    Women may remain childless at an increasing rate. This is not simply to follow a trend. As we become more understanding and diverse as a planet, we are getting better at not judging people by arbitrary standards such as judging a woman's success in life by her children. And as women feel that acceptance they may follow their heart instead of succumbing out dated pressures.

  • It is hard to have children.

    With the economy in decline, Europe is an expensive place to have children. The United States has very aggressive systems for child support. A person who has a child can end up paying tens of thousands of dollars each year to the other parent, for up to 21 years. No sane person would agree to that.

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