• Children are force fed education

    Children are bombarded with all kinds of unnecessary information. A child only needs to learn the following: reading, writing, four function math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), and critical thinking. That amounts to the equivalent of a 3rd to 4th grade education, past that a child should have the complete freedom to direct the remainder of their education.

  • Over educated children

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  • There's no such thing as overeducated

    I know it is a word and it has its meanings, but you can't seriously say that children are overeducated. It's implausible! Education is learning. A person on the positive team said that children are bombarded with unnecessary information. Now this is wrong since information is only unnecessary dependent on the individual learning.

  • Do you have time to sleep?

    Children go to academies almost everyday. But the academies don't let children just come in to class. By the way, they need to take tests. While going to other academies, children need to study for tests for going to an another academy. How an awful situation! They don't wan't to go to the academies where they go now, but they need to study hard and go to an another academy?They will be so tired. Lets say that a children has academiies every day until 8 o' clock, except for the weekends.They cannot sleep almost until 11 or 12. Do you know why? It is because of the homework!! Imagine if you don't finish your homework, and go to your school. What will your teacher say?I suppose that she will say to do it until tomorrow. You just needed rest for a day and you get one more homework tomorrow? It is like eating your food 4 times a day when you didn't eat dinner on yesterday! It'll be terrifying to the students. Now, the last thing is work and study.You need to show compliments at classtime. Also, your teacher wants you to do your work well. And if you finish it greatfully, they wants you to do better and better. So, you need to study at class and at home. Also, you need to etudy everyday! Now you think about it. DO YOU THINK CHILDREN ARE OVEREDUCATED OR NOT???

  • Everything is not important

    In school children learn a lot of useless information. Or we are taught irrelevant information. Things that don't affect us now and never will. Yes its important to learn about George Washington, but we don't need to now that he had wooden teeth or his favorite types of food. The vast majority of the people in algebra 2 will never use that information anywhere else besides in the classroom. So, what is the point in the class?

  • Under education is more dangerous.

    Education is vital. Take education away and watch society crumble. If children, the age of 11, are given the choice to leave school or carry on with it, what do people think they are going to choose?
    Education is needed in society as the next generation is going to require legal professionals, vets, doctors, CEO's, Politicians etc.
    This is why under education is more dangerous, because if we want to have this basic standard living such as visiting a doctor, having engineers, someone to run the country or someone to visit when you need legal advice, you need well educated people.
    We as a species are evolving at a rapid rate and we need to keep expanding and stretching ourselves as well. Without education, this will not happen.
    Also, where is the evidence that children are currently over educated?

  • Education in Europe

    I'm not sure if everyone is familiar with Europe's core curriculum. My child is enrolled at a private, christian school (one of the best in the town). They are doing such easy schoolwork. I grew up in Europe, and the math that they teach in American schools, is 3 grades behind the standard European curriculum. Another thing is stress. Kids are exposed to their parents always whining about stress, and they being using that as an excuse. "Mom, I'm going to do my homework Sunday night. It has been a stressful week...". America is such a great country but, needs to beef up their core curriculum for grade school and high school.

  • It's Only Stress

    Yes. Kids in high school learn a lot of things that they don't need to know. Like trigonometry. I'm always asking the question, "When am I ever going to use this in the real world?" But in reality, depending on what their plans are for their future, they could use it in the real world. It's stressful. All of it, but we aren't being overeducated. They are teaching us things that will benefit us in college, that will benefit us in the long run, and for that, I am grateful. I have the chance to do anything because in school, they taught me EVERYTHING.

  • Children are not over educated, while over stressed.

    Parents have become more concerned about the future and their status more than children's interests and preferences. They have their plans and make children to achieve their plans. They are least bothered about what their kids are longing for. So the education goes beyond the school class room to tuition centers and coaching classes and eventually they looses their natural character.

  • Children are not overeducated

    In school, children gain knowledge, but also social skills. If we shorten school hours to have the children learn less, then they lose these social skills. America has a high literacy rate, but why not make it higher. Children learn languages in school, and with our growing immigration rate, we must learn to speak the same languages, to make them feel welcome.

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  • Under-Education Due to Lack of Morality???

    To say that students are over-educated is like saying that female leaders will screw us over. It's simply not true. Look at Iceland - they have/had a female prime minister. In this country of "freedom and opportunity," students are being ripped off. My mother always says: "They're only teaching things on the standardised tests. We need to teach this generation things that are actually useful in life." My way of supporting this? I believe students should be required to read Aesop's Fables, all grades. These tales will give children a sense of morality ,possibly making this world much less corrupt as it is now.

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IvenMartin says2014-11-26T14:09:53.170
Is there a such thing as over educated?