• Yes, Trump should resign before anyone else is killed.

    Trump is now becoming perhaps the worst President we have ever elected on our history. All of his greatness is being diminished because of his lack of compassion and a reasonable consideration of tactfulness. It is one thing to having discord and disagreement, but when innocent children and adults start to die because of his actions it may be time for him to resign. The recent terror raid in Yemen is a sign of what is to come. Although his actions and his attitude are not intentional for the deaths, those incidents should compel him to change his ways or resign. As a President it is his duty to honor, serve and to protect.

  • No, he should not resign.

    No, President Trump should not resign because of the tragic death of a girl in his anti-terror raid. How many innocent children were killed during Obama's anti-terror raids? How many innocent children were killed by Obama's drone program? How many innocent children were killed when Obama's airforce bombed hospitals in Afghanistan and Yemen?

  • This is war, and people die in it. Fact!!!

    This is Tragic, sure. I may even have my disagreeances with trump, however the casulties of war is not trumps fault. He is in the position where he is forced to make a dicission that will cost lives, and he had NO way of predicting that this would happen. No did obama or any president before trump.

    The best any commander in chief can hope for is as few innocent deaths as possible.

  • Immigration is a problem.

    He will build a wall in Mexico and it isn't fair to those who want to come and start a new life. What about animals. They don't have to do that. Why do that and just keep Obama's law of immigration? It would cause less trouble. Donald Trump shouldn't .

  • Of course not.

    Even though I consider myself fairly progressive and despise Trump, under Obama we are at 7 wars, up from 2 wars when Bush left the office. Even then, I do not think Trump should resign unless he intentionally abuses his powers or he finally realizes being a president is not a joke.

  • The loss of innocent civilian lives, especially children, is a tragic consequence of war, but suggesting Trump should resign is utter nonsense.

    Every president has at some point in their tenure ordered a military action that resulted in the loss of innocent lives, whether the events were publicized or not. There were numerous civilian casualties - men, women and children - killed during attacks ordered under the Obama administration and no one called for his resignation then. They are just an unwanted result of conflict and it is hard to point the finger of blame at anyone other than the commander-in-chief. However, did the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon care about the 8-year old children they left without parents, or the 8-year old girls that are imprisoned and raped at the hands of ISIS and their successors? Did the truck driver in Nice or the shooter in Orlando care about the innocent lives they were slaughtering? Unfortunate as they are, civilian deaths cannot be avoided in times of war, and Trump bears as much responsibility for that particular death as anyone else and should not resign. It is time for the people of this country to unite to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism and give the new president a chance.

  • No, Trump Should not resign because of this.

    While I may disagree with much of Donald Trump's policies and how he goes about leading the nation, this is not, in and of itself, a reason for him to resign from his position. Children have been killed in raids in the past, and casualties are next to impossible to avoid in a situation of war, and it would be hypocritical of an opposing party to call for his resignation solely on these grounds.

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