Children Die Locked into Hot Cars: Should there be laws in place so people can rescue a child they see as trapped in a hot car in distress?

  • Yes, laws should be made to rescue children trapped in cars.

    Yes, there should be laws instated that children trapped card can be rescued. Due to extreme heat, children are vulnerable to life-threatening conditions when trapped in a car. It is my belief, as well, that children are more defenseless than adults or older teenagers, and do not have the strength as well as the knowledge of cars to get themselves out of a hot car in a timely manner.

  • Let Good Samaratians Help

    Everyday we seem to hear more and more stories about children who die in a car because a parent or guardian left them accidentally in the car. There have been people who have come forward with ideas on how to prevent these tradiegies from ever happening. However, another issue that has arrised is what to do when you find a child locked in a car and in distress. Some people are afraid that they will get in trobule for calling the authorities or breaking into the car to save the child. We should move forward immediately with laws that will protect these Good Samaratians.

  • Protecting Children in Hot Cars

    A law should be enacted that allows people who notice that a child is in distress in a hot car to let the child out. I believe that it would prevent some deaths of children, and this is incredibly important. It would be necessary to place restrictions on this law to make sure that the child in question really is in need and that the person is not simply kidnapping the child.

  • Saving lives is common sense

    There should not need to be a law in place, if an animal or child is locked in a car on a hot day, the person who notices should break a window and let them out. Laws or no laws, letting a child die in a car is practically murder.

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