• Privacy is not a god givin right to imature children that don't give thier parents enough reson to trust them

    Immature children will do stupid things. It is the parent's job to make sure a child isn't of the mind to send naked pictures out, get on weird sites, meet up with strangers, getting bullied and not getting help, doing drugs, getting pregnant or someone ells pregnant, ex.... Intel the child matures he/she has NOT earned that right and is a danger to themselves.
    I am 16 and have all the privacy I want in the world because I have earnd it. Anyone who feels like they have something to hide from their parents should be given less privacy because you are doing something wrong.

  • I have to agree here.

    To be clear I am 16 years old so I know where this is coming from and I totally agree with the fact that kids should have to earn the right to privacy and let me explain. If a child is troublesome then the adult has the right and responsibility to make sure that their child is doing what they should be. If a child has earned their parents trust through doing what they should then I believe that they should have privacy. I do not believe in parents just taking a phone when they feel and seeing all of your messages but if they are rightly suspicious and have good reason then the privacy is no longer something the child gets to enjoy. The privacy is something gained, not something you just get. I have worked to earn the trust of my parents which basically includes just not lying. Did you eat that cookie? Yep, I ate it. Basic stuff. That way when we get to bigger stuff they have more reason to just ask me then go sifting through my stuff. As for the invasion of privacy causing rebellion, it shouldn't. You are breaking privacy because of the rebellion and so they have to learn that being rebellious causes less privacy. Also the causes of rebellion have much more to do with how you have raised your child. I don't want to step on any toes here but on average most parents do not do the best job with one of my favorite words for raising children. Discipline. Nobody seems to like it and everyone seems to think that its a bad thing. Well, its what makes kids do what they are supposed to when they are young so when they become teens they begin to understand the reasoning behind why they were told not to do certain things. But anyway, I digress.

  • Invasion of privacy make kids more rebellious.

    Immaturity isn't a good reason to be invasive. You should let them make mistakes ounce and awhile that's how people learn and try to avoid making those mistakes again. However in the case of strangers its good to be involved and tell them not to meet up with them in person and to be careful with people online but it doesn't require invasion of privacy to teach basic web safety effectively.

  • Privacy is based on maturity not what that kid has done

    Now honestly most awnsers to questions bout kids need to be awnsered by kids, me being 12. Now i am on both sides of the argument but i chose no because of the fact that I'm mature enough to be able to intelligently speak with out sounding immature. As for the subject your child needs to be tested. Let them do what they want and test their maturity by secretly checking his/her history and if they clear it ask them about it if they clear it often. If they confess that they have been doing bad things put filter on it. And rebuild that trust between you and your kid. (P.S most filters that i know of stick with the wifi and won't work in a wifi that isn't supported by that filter)

  • They have the rights to earn trust not privacy. If they wont let you see it then they probably shouldn't be doing it!

    Trusting your kid not to go to parties based on whether they have done in the past is one thing but they should not be allowed to earn or have privacy given to them. Yes teens should be able to pee and get dressed alone but when a parent asks too see their phone or facebook passwords they better give it up. This is to protect them and has nothing to do with their judgement.

    What if your 13 year old girl had free access to her phone and she sent nude pics to a fellow classmate (her bf), dose she really understand that illegal and could get her arrested for child porn?

    What if she thought that guy on Facebook was from her school and really was some old pervert posing as a teen telling her to meet him somewhere. Shouldn't she be telling you where she is going and when she will be home. What if that Facebook password could help the police find her?

    Protection is knowing not keeping the peace of a teenage drama queen.

  • As a father, I disagree.

    Children should be given privacy equivalent to their developmental level. Everybody needs some time to just be by themselves if they so desire. They need a place they can feel safe; a place that is theirs. Having said that, I understand that some privacy may need to be taken away if a child abuses it, but in general, everybody should be given at least a baseline of privacy to start.

  • Kids need privacy

    Im a teenager who hasn't had much privacy growing up and i know that if i did have more space then i wouldn't be uncomfortable around people. Children should have a right to privacy because if they don't it will lead to emotional problems with parents and other people. I am saying this as my experience though i don't think I'm very different from other people my age

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abyteofbrain says2014-07-24T01:42:07.127
The smart ones earn their privacy one way or another.
DuhTruth says2014-07-24T02:14:10.317
So true