• Fuck them niggas

    If they are brown they should expect to be shot at those scumbags. I remeber one time a brown came to my door and put shit in a bag and left it there. Fucking nig. Dude should be euthanized asap. Brown bastard cock sucking liberal commy fuck. I like cookies

  • If you say no your a bitch

    I support child slavery and child solders nothing brings the world together like children why do you thing child molesters are such a big hit right now if you need proof look at Dustin Grimm he is a great example of how children make good meals you can't argue with my evidence

  • What the fuck. No.

    Using children as troops in practical use is highly ineffective. Not only that but it is unethical as fuck. As user Kuniko pointed out, Children should grow up not in violence, But in a classroom. Using kids as soldiers is fucking retarded. If they somehow survive the war then they will have to fight with PTSD and other disorders.

  • Children should have education, Not terrorism.

    This itself is madness. Just imagine what will they grow up into once they become an adult. A man-slaughtering running amok with a gun everywhere he goes? Their brains are still in the process of development, They should be culminated and protected. We are talking about protecting children from violence but here we are supporting children in armed conflicts? Sure, Some of you might say that it is a way of patriotism, To serve the country. I believe that there should be a minimum age of at least around 18+ until they are able to think for themselves. Because right now, They are signing up for something without knowing the true implication behind it. Our generations will also be affected as there will be lesser and lesser children to continue their generation.

  • Children being recruited is against the law

    Children are increasingly exposed to armed conflict and targeted by governmental and nongovernmental combatants. Armed conflict directly and indirectly affects children’s physical, Mental, And behavioral health. It can affect every organ system, And its impact can persist throughout the life course. In addition, Children are disproportionately impacted by morbidity and mortality associated with armed conflict. A children’s rights–based approach provides a framework for collaboration by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Child health professionals, And national and international partners to respond in the domains of clinical care, Systems development, And policy formulation. The American Academy of Pediatrics and child health professionals have critical and synergistic roles to play in the global response to the impact of armed conflict on children.

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