• Children need to learn skills, not exercises

    Even though homework is a way to make children to understand about a subject learned, most of the time none of the things you do will actually be used in real world. Children, especially 10-15 years old, need to learn skills such as how to communicate formally or other things that is useful. In addition, homeworks can create stress among children as they will feel helplessness that their teacher or parents will be let down if they don't complete their homework.

  • No more homework plz!!!!!

    After 5 hours at school. Children must have a time with famaly and their friend,at school they learn to much so after that time they dont have to think about they lesson anymore . They need to play, to do sth to less stress. No more homework plz!!!! They need to play

  • People are weak.

    Homework prepares these immature kids to grow up and improve their organization skills, a lot of schools offer the chance to complete homework in school if they have the time to, which shows that if you work hard enough in school and during class, you'll be able to complete homework which allows you to have more time with family. And if I must be honest, people don't spend their free time with families anymore, it's all on their devices. So what's the point of having less homework when all you're going to do is just spend more time on technology and not actually and truly socializing.

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mondayrunner says2018-02-02T01:11:31.927
No children shouldn't have homework because they should have some time to themselves instead of heavy packages of homework to do every day after school.