Children of illegal immigrants should not be entitled to public education

  • They should not be part of public education

    Because they are not counted under the particular country's population which means they use resources which are not meant for them . They suffer during class lessons because of language difficulties and also suffer from abuse from other learners whom are not immigrants which result to less focus at school work.

  • Yes, they should have that right.

    If they are a United States citizen, they deserve the right to receive education from a public school, but in my opinion, I think they should learn English before starting grade school, since it is the language they use in US schools, just to make it easier on the children.

  • They should have the right to join in public education.

    If the child of an illegal immigrant is able to go to school they will grow to be a helping member of the country. Even if the child has problems with the language and culture school will teach them the things they need to know. With access to resources like education a child even born in a different country can be a help to the country they come to.

  • They’re still humans arent they?

    Id like to draw everyones attention to one particular person:Saint John Baptist De La Salle. He gave up wealth and fame to teach kids. And we’re not talking rich kids here, we’re talking about those who were too poor to study,or to lasallians like me known as:the last,the lost and the least. In this case, the last the lost and the least refers to children of illegal immigrants. If saint de la salle could sacrifice probrably the most crucial thing in his life which is wealth,why cant everyone follow his example? At the end of the day, who are we to play god? To choose who we want to learn?

    Rebuttal:as mentioned by opponent,he/she said and I quote,”They suffer during class lessons because of language difficulties.” Let me ask all of you? Was there ever a time where you had difficulties understanding a class? Isnt this the EXACT same thing for children of illegal immigrants? Maybe yes, they’ll have difficulties understanding english but as proposed by hclarice, why dont we teach them english first then it’ll be easier to understand things?

    Also, my opponent said that they will suffer from abuse from other learners who arent children of illegal immigrants. Along the way, we are always bound to make friends and enemies. So although we can affirm the fact that they will make enemies, arent they bound to make friends as well?

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