Children should be able to play violent video games

Asked by: ftballmaster
  • Yes they should

    Video games are love. Video games are life. Everybody should be able to play any game. Video games are the best thing ever. Everybody should be able to play any game. Especially kids. Even South Park The Stick Of Truth. LET US KIDS AND TEENAGERS PLAY ANY GAMES WE WANT!

  • Up to the parents.

    If you want to hide your child from violence okay.

    However in all my life experience;
    starting at the age range of 10-11 I've popped the heads of thousands of raiders, ghouls, mole rats, and deathclaws in fallout 3. Never once did I shoot anyone or even got in a fight.
    At age 7 I saw the movie dog soldiers; about British men going into a deep forest flooded with bloody hungry werewolves. (It may not be a video game but the keyword is violence.)
    I played an early call of duty modern warfare, a game with terrorism, cussing, and shootings around the age of 11.
    (If you count games like Legend of Zelda violence will date back around 5 since it's a game with rapid thrashing of enemies with a sword.)
    Mortal Combat around 6 which features 2d fighting and blood.

    All these games by the definition of people saying it should make you violent are wrong, and you know what; if I didn't have these games in my childhood I would probably have been more miserable considering I was introverted, bullied, poorly medicated for my ADHD (Adderall a drug used for kids with ADHD caused me to eat far to little, headaches, and sick.).

    I also grew up around one individual who was raised sheltered from these "violent" video games and guess what; he turned into a rebellious, woman user, and a general d*ck. He couldn't play literally any game or watch any movie that was considered violent because he was raised "to be scared".

    The real message is it's a video game; a accumulation of programming, pictures, and commands. You should teach your children the difference between a non-sentient character on a screen and a literal organic sensation feeling life-form or just shelter, but don't start trying to tell parents how to raise their children.

  • Yes, but responsibly.

    A child has every right to play the games of their choosing available, even violent games. To those who say that this will cause them to become cold-blooded killers, there is a solution: good parenting. Teach them that what happens in a game is in a game, and that actually commiting the actions represented is indeed immoral. Make sure your child has proper morals (something you should be doing anyway).

  • Yes they should

    Well to Start things off as soon as there's a mass shooting in schools are anywhere they immediately blame violent video games. Well did they really research before they say these claims? Well obviously they didn't because only 2 of 9 mass shooters were actually into violent video games. The reason they started these claims is because of the amount of evidence showing that violent video games causes aggression and they're right. But not by a lot because. According to Catherine Newman, “tons of small children play Silent shooter games that only a small fraction become violent.” I have a friend and he is interested in games like Call of Duty and Mortal Combat and he is actually quiet and relaxed, has a good sense of humor and in generally nice.

  • No, it is bad for them.

    I strongly believe that watching violent games make a child think violence is acceptable. I think this because children learn from what they see (on the social web), role modeling, and experience. Violence on TV and video games can also damage the brain in only just a week, and I have a related family member who can be very disturbing at times.

  • Don't teach children violence.

    There were many cases of children starting to get violent because of video games. Some even tried to kill somebody, that probably doesn't happen so often but it is possible. Also, children can get nightmares when seeing somebody be killed and splashed in blood. There must be a reason for age limits on games.

  • Don't give the children a wrong mind - set.

    Firstly, every child is like a piece of white paper. What you give them are what they learn. If you tell them that shooting random people and zombies are correct, then you are gradually making them have a wrong mind - set. Yes, at this point, you might think that it is just a game, but children understand are the violence that are included. There are just so many games on Earth that children can play, so why not let them play other games? Don't ever focus on what will happen the next seconds later, focus on the children's future. What will they be like if they think that violence, killing zombies and people are correct?
    Well, years before, in Taiwan, a guy was addicted to a video game, and that game was about fighting. That guy turned out to kill an innocent girl, which they never met before.
    The danger of that already appeared, don't you want to stop that>

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