• This is Rediculous. . .

    . . . But I'll have to say yes on this one. After all, It is an opinion submission. Honestly, I chose "yes" because saying "no" is just plain boring. In the long run, You can enjoy having a funny discussion as well as giving a kid, Perhaps hungry or sad, A free lollipop. How nice!

  • Why do lolipop

    Why are black people have lolipop? Do they exist i don't even know but what i do know is lolipop is kinda good for childin and when you don't have lolipop your at risk for certain fungal infections like tuberculosis emphyzema or even leukemia. When child does not have vegetables or lolipop child must die!

  • Lollipops make children happy

    If the child is crying if you give him or her the lollipop he will surely feel happy but if he is crying for you to give him lollipop and if you don't give he will keep disturbing you with too much cry so that is why I say computers should replace teachers

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