• They definitely should

    Children don't even pay taxes and contribute nothing to society yet. Being a parents workers who work for rent is probably the just thing to do here in my opinion. If the child is living at their home for free then the favor should be returned with odd jobs around the house.

  • Children require discipline and to be given an increasing sense of responsibility.

    The discipline of children in paramount to their intellectual and emotional maturity. As a child, My understanding that there were some things that I simply had to do without fail, Not because I chose to do them but because that was what a responsible human being does brought me up to understand that as a human, I have a set of duties that it is upon no one but myself to carry to completion, Such as maintaining respect for others and doing good rather than harm to them, Even when they fail to respect or do good to me. I have witnessed firsthand the degradatory effect the lack of responsibility can have on a child's moral character and personality and can say with complete certainty that giving them responsibilities from an early age is a service to both the world they live in and to themselves. I believe that children who inherit these moral characteristics are more likely to lead fulfilling, Duty driven lives. Responsibility can take many forms and not all forms of discipline are right to carry out on a child. Verbal abuse, For example, Ultimately harms their emotional growth rather than benefiting it. Children need to know what it feels like to be trusted with something and, Occasionally, What it feels like to break someone's trust.

  • It's just slavery with extra steps.

    Think about it, They don't pay you, And they force you to do yard work without pay. Don't say your pay is internet privileges, Because that's not pay. Let's say you got in trouble for hitting the teachers. They will spank you, Rape you, And take away your fun. It's not fair, And it should be outlawed, And categorized as child slavery.

  • No they should not

    I recall being a young lad and my father told me to mow the lawn, I told him he should get off his fat arse and do it himself, Ever since his demotion at work he has really been phoning it it in with only a measley 45k a year compared to the last 70k a year, He of course deiced to beat me with a stewie griffen doll set at which i point i appropriately set him on fire using his own smokes, Didnt hear much of my father after that, Or at all to be exact, I want my daddy back :(

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Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T04:19:27.207
It really depends of the child's age imo.
sonicbro2000 says2020-10-07T17:07:16.807
@Yamuna_Ventura No it really doesn't.

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