Children should particpate in TV shows and reality shows

  • Kids, should get self-actualization in every subject, with no exception in joining Reality show.

    When we were kids our parents told us, we can be anything and everthing we want. We are guaranteed to speak free. We can express ourself too.

    A reality show is a type of television program that aims to show how ordinary people behave in everyday life, or in situations, often created by the program makers, which are intended to represent everyday life.
    ...NBC's new reality show, "The Restaurant."

    by its definition we have known that people in reality show agree by joining the program to show how they behave in daily life.
    These are the point why we should agree to allow childreen involve in Reality show tv program ;
    1. Learning is not only you sit in a classroom and hearing what your teachers said. We, know that every single child is special. We too. We cant even deny that someone has talent in art, other in sport and the others in math. And if reality show can give them space to explore theirself and place to learn more than in a classroom, why we dont give them 'that place' (?)

    2. We should give 'age restricted' for definition if childreen. Based on WHO website, childreen is 5 to 8 years. We know that age range (5-8) is so risky to joining the reality show. So, the parents should monitoring and keeping, when they get bored and need to take a rest, and of course give them a play time. So, we won't interfere the child growth.

    With those reasons, no one can interfere what our childreen want to be. But, we can keep on eye their development with not giving any limitation of their dream.

  • They should not participate in them

    Some children love to participate in reality shows.I think so they should not!!If they will concentrate in these things they will get disatracted from studies.They will not get good marks in exam so I would say that students should not participate in TV and Reality shows . SO please insure they should not PARTICIPATE IN THESE KINDS OF ACTIVITIES!!!!

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