• Yes, it should

    Children are pretty well celebrated in most counties, but haveing a special day for them could be nice, especially since not all children are celebrated. It is a great way for them to remembered for why it is so important for their to be children in the world and what they can do.

  • Yes, I agree.

    Children's day is recognized on various days in many places around the world. With an aim to celebrate the spirit of children and their talent, the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 recommended that all countries around the world should set aside a day for this purpose.
    Suggesting that every country should observe the day on the date which it considers appropriate, the UN body said, "Children's Day would be seen as a symbol of worldwide fraternity and understanding and also be an opportunity to promote the welfare of kids .

  • It is up to each country.

    No, children's day should not be celebrated in all countries because it is up to each country what holidays they want to celebrate. Most every country around the world already celebrates Christmas. That should be seen as enough of a children's day. Most children also celebrate their birthdays. There are lots of special days out there for kids.

  • Children's day should not be celebrated in all countries

    Children's day should not be celebrated in all countries. There are a large number of holidays each year when presents are given such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day, and Easter. I do not believe there needs to be an additional holiday to buy presents for children. Children are already very spoiled. Rather than an additional holiday for them, it would be better to have a holiday to teach them to do something selfless for others.

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