• Children Are Humans As Well

    First of all, I must clearly state that I am NOT a child. I am simply defending fellow human beings with my opinion. I have a superior intellect and that has caused me to realize that children need to be respected as well.

    Children need to be respected by artists as well. Children's drawings can be very insightful and show deep contemplation within the picture. You can learn to see the world from the child's point of view and connect with them. I have a friend with a 3 year old son. He frequently draws many pictures that his mum likes to hang on the fridge. The pictures were revolting to me at first because they looked so crudely drawn. But as I continued to stare at the picture, it revealed deeper insight than what was on the surface.
    The blue sky he drew represented the incontinence of the human soul as it yearns for more than it can achieve.
    The grey clouds represent the eminence of the human mind as it studies diligently to improve itself.
    The green grass represents the landed and worldly heart that contains a human's emotions to be expressed in the form of his words.

    Children's drawings are valuable and need to be just as respected as ones of traditionally respected artists.
    Parents, teachers, and children of all ages, Stand With Me In Solidarity!

  • Children are coddled too much

    I employee 16 people. I have more turn over of the 18-24 y.O. Crowd than any other age group. Most people I employee in this age range have some mindset that they should get paid without having to work as hard as other people. They are also much less reliable to show up to work on time (or close to on time). They are much less likely to send me texts or call when they are running behind. When they do show up for work, they are more likely to play around and take a lot of breaks as compared to older employees. This behavior is ingrained in them through grade school by being coddled by teachers, parents, and educators.

    In this hypersensitive age, we say everyone is a winner giving out medals and awards to everyone (participation awards). The concept where 'everyone is a winner' is the most disingenuous fallacy put in children's heads. The supposed need to respect every children's drawing is one example of this disingenuous fallacy. Some people are naturally skilled in some fields and some people aren't. The parents, teachers, and supervisors are propping up false egos and confidence in some children which is harmful to these children later in life.

    Ps. Like provideoman123, I also have a superior intellect (which has no relevance to this conversation).


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