Chili's removes manager who took away Veteran's meals: Should Veteran's be entitled to free food and gifts?

  • Yes, they deserve much more than that.

    Veterans get a lot of respect in this country, and people -- especially politicians -- always speak very highly of them. However, they don't get enough respect in areas where it really matters. Just days after Veterans Day this year, a bill to increase funding for veterans was voted down by Republicans in the Senate. It is unfathomable to me that we can pretend to care about those in our military and veterans, yet continually slap them in the face by not paying them properly while they are in service, and then denying them the funding they deserve after they get out.

  • It's just PR for the restaurant

    Veteran's aren't entitled to any special freebies. If the company CHOOSES to give them out, that's one thing, but in no way are they ENTITLED to those things. In fact, the companies that have such offers only do it because the positive PR and additional sales are worth more than the food they give away.

  • They are well paid.

    Most people do not know that veterans are very well paid. They only work for 20 years before they receive a pension for the rest of their lives. They have above-average salaries for their education levels. Veterans believe that they are entitled to free food and other things on top of this. They haven't earned it.

  • Veterans should not have allowance

    I do not think that it is right that a manager should lose their job for taking away an overly-generous and somewhat arbitrary reward given to certain veterans. There should be no expectance of a free meal for anyone and the decision to unilaterally award one to a specific group is not fair.

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