China busts child trafficking ring: Should child traffickers spend more time in jail?

  • Child traficking is horrible and should be punished heavily

    Childhood is the time in someone's life when their emotional and physical being develops the most. With that being said, people who child traffic are ruining these children's childhoods and possibly damaging their psyche. That sort of damage will follow them for the rest of their lives, so I feel like these traffickers should get the most harsh sentence possible.

  • Put them away for a long time!

    It has to take a sick individual to harm an innocent child by selling the child to a person. These people should be locked up for a very long time. Anyone that causes harm to a child should also be evaluated for mental illness as there has to be something incredibly wrong with him/her.

  • Yes, they should spend their life in jail.

    I think child traffickers should spend the rest of their life behind bars. If they are able to get out of jail, then they will more than likely continue the crime and ruining children's lives. They do not understand how they are impacting the lives they deal with, and in most cases don't even care. For this, they should never be allowed out of prison.

  • Child Traffickers shouldn't spend time in jail, they should be executed

    "Child traffickers" is not a representative word for what these monsters do. They take children and hurt them in the most horrible way. They sell children to other people so they can torture them, too. There is no jail harsh enough for these soulless people, they need to be taken off the planet so they can't do it again.

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