China buys a record amount of North Korean coal, ignoring international sanctions. Should China face punitive action?

  • China should face punitive action for violating sanction

    China should face punitive action from other countries if the report that it bought a record amount of coal from North Korea is proven to be true.
    China would be flouting international sanctions, and encouraging North Korea to pursue nuclear weapons. This would endanger our allies and ourselves, particularly if North Korea sells the weapons to terrorists.

  • China's purchase of North Korean coal deserves punishment

    China has purchased an incredible amount of coal produced by North Korea. They should be punished because this is an action that goes directly against international sanctions. It is an action that increases their relationship to North Korea, which has significant (and negative) consequences for the rest of the world. Not only that, there are negative environmental consequences as well.

  • Yes, China should not be the exception to the rule.

    China has been violating international trade treaties and sanctions for decades. By making China face punitive consequences, they will be less likely to continue such behavior in the future. North Korea is ultimately an enemy of trade with the free world and the epitome of an oppressive government. If China wants to trade with other countries that violate international laws, then they should have to face penalties.

  • Yes, China should be punished for ignoring these international sanctions.

    China, which contributes a huge amount to world pollution through its use of coal as a major source of power, should be punished for making deals with North Korea. If they want to be considered a serious trading partner by other leading world powers the Chinese government needs to abide by international agreements.

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