China Closes 111 Golf Courses: Should China Close Off Sports to Save its Environment?

  • Yes, China should do more to save its environment.

    The Chinese government should do more--must do more to save its environment. Recently, China closed over 100 golf courses. Its unclear if this will have much impact on improving China's environment but more should be done. China needs to clean up its factories, move away from coal-fired plants and join the world in fighting climate change.

  • They have the room.

    No, China should not close off sports to save the environment, because there is no evidence that sports in China are hurting the environment. China is a leader in sports around the world. A golf course has living and growing grass and plants on it. There is no reason this is bad for the environment.

  • No, proper control will help.

    China should not close off sports to save its environment because sports is not to blame for the deteriorating, factory emissions are to be blamed. China is complaining that golf course are taking big chunk of land that would have being otherwise being used for cultivation and planting of trees. This is not true because the land covered by golf courses is very less.

  • No, China should not close off sports to save the environment.

    Closing off sports does not save the environment. Golf courses are full of trees, grass, and other foliage which actually helps the environment and gives fresh air to breathe. China is a densely populated area and openness like golf courses are literally a breath of fresh air. Reducing waste is a better option.

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