China Food Crisis: Will you still trust fast food restaurants in foreign countries?

  • Yes, I will.

    Whenever I travel internationally for business I always trust the fast food places more than the local ones because my stomach is slow to adapt to change. A few incidences like this won't make me switch to all local cuisine which I know will cause me to feel sick. I still think it's a good bet in countries where the local cuisine is very different from my own

  • Healthguidelines Are Questionable

    No, I would not trust fast food restaurants in foreign countries. For one thing, their health guidelines are probably nowhere near what they are in America. And even though we have those guidelines here, there are still some fast food restaurants unfit to patronize. I would only reconsider if I could see the cooking and preparing area clearly.

  • Trust has to be earned

    I've never trusted fast food restaurants in other countries. I barey trust fast food restaurants in my own country! The who food industry is in trouble as far as contamination and the covering up of lack of adherence to regulations and the consumer is the one who is most in the dark at the same time they are most at risk.

  • I Don't Have To

    As a low-wage worker in the United States I don't have to worry about trusting fast food restaurants in foreign countries because I could never afford to travel outside of the United States. I have my doubts those Americans that can make it out are forced into selecting fast food restaurants anyway.

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