• No, I do not eat fast food overseas

    I am of the thinking that one of the biggest points to traveling abroad is the chance to discover cuisine that is very different from the meals that I can obtain at home. When traveling abroad, I make a point NOT to eat from any of the fast food establishments that I have access to back in the states. This "China Food Scandal" does not effect my travels to China.

  • Yes, I will.

    While I enjoy imbibing on local cuisine if I'm there for pleasure, it's not something I do when I'm overseas for business. I find it safer to eat from chains that I'm familiar with because then I have a good guess as to how my stomach will react. This new scandal will not change anything for me.

  • I don't eat fast food no matter where I go

    I don't eat in restaurants whereever I go. If the city I'm in (whether it'd be London, Glasgow, Rome or Toyko) is offering an invitation to come to the mayor or royal place of residence, I'll accept and take part in the fun and dinner. I don't eat fast. I don't even like restaurants.

  • Little diners are fine with me.

    When you go overseas and you want a genuine taste of that culture, do you think of going to their nearest McDonalds? No. You would need to embrace the culture by going to all the popular and tasty local spots that maybe only the natives know about. This is what gives you the genuine tasting experience, not searching for your nearest Wendy's or McDonald's.

  • Not through choice

    While I'm sure that most fast food in China is safe, the reports that have come out of employees treating food extremely badly can't be forgotten. I won't personally be touching fast food in China unless some serious changes are made, or I have no other choice. Other countries, I might still consider.

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