• China is better.

    With the most population in the world, China has already beat COVID-19. America with less population is still in the worst part of it. They have had many more people dying than China had. America is also worse than China because it allows people to own guns, Causing more people to die from terrorists. This is a huge issue in the world too.

  • We both are great in different ways.

    China is great at security and rules to control anything like curfews. They also have a balanced government. That's is why they don't have any numbers of terrorism. The USA, However, Has a strong economy and military power. They also put freedom of speech. Even though that America is not completely free, It is way freer than the CCP. U. S. And China are both developing. The U. S. Is developing more slowly, While China's tries to take over Taiwan.

  • Not even close

    China as we all know is a communist country that has constant surveillance on all of their citizens and they like complete control. They claim to have beaten COVID-19 but they are constantly lying to the rest of the world and are caught in their lies all the time we can't trust China's numbers. China also has concentration camps for Muslims they are recreating the holocaust but that's no big deal right China is better. And if you've seen anything about how they've handled Hong Kong I'm sure that you would realize that China is not only worse than the US but I think one of the worst countries in the world. Also let's not forget that we wouldn't have to worry about beating COVID if it wasn't for China in the first place.

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xxXn00bslay3rXxx says2020-11-04T22:31:56.240
Of course it's china!

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